12 de abril de 2012

LUCAS = Desaparecido desde 04/2012


(Tem epilepsia e necessita diariamente de medicação). 


Contacto: 96 623 1454
ou contacte directamente o AMA.

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  1. I am sitting here in Madeira on holiday from South Africa, and have been up all night with the terrible continuous barking of dogs all around our area that I haven't slept a wink, not because of these poor dogs who are not been attended to, or cared for and really unloved! Who sleeps while there 'baby' cries the whole night! Myself and my husband went down to Camara dos Lobos and found a sheep dog tied to the smallest of ropes that would not allow any movement and this poor animal is lying on its own faeces and urine, to make matters worse in a unkept box next to her were 2 pups, my heart sank and if I could verbalise my anger in proper Portuguese I would have said something, but instead we walked away with a sudden longing for our own 2 dogs at home and realising how fortunate we actually are! Again in front of Sa (super sa) in St Martinho, i saw the obsessed labrador with a skin disease that seriously needed some attention, but he just couldn't move and lied on the pavement with not one person even glancing at him for a second. I am so saddened by what I see here in this beautiful part of the world I call 'home' for a few weeks every year. I am not sure what laws pertaining to animal rights are enforced in this country but I sincerely hope that the government knows and realised that foreigners dont take lightly to animal cruelty and as I can see now, is probably the only revenue this island has during the recession and crisis.
    Wake up Madeira and take action!